People walking downstairs
People walking downstairs

Let a fire know it picked the wrong building

We have products to combat every stage of a fire. Detectors that sense smoke before it’s even visible. Communication systems to automate evacuations. And technology that can keep a fire from spreading.

Alerts spread faster than fires

Integrated VdS-certified fire and voice alarm systems suitable for demanding, complex installations.

Availability: European Union, Russia, Ukraine, META, India, China

Systems designed to outsmart fires

Farenhyt Series gives turnkey solutions for fire protection, emergency communications and CO2 detection. Accessories match facility size.

Fires don’t announce themselves

Addressable control panels and synchronized power supplies with innovative features including annunciators and voice evacuation.

Protect people and assets

Conventional and addressable fire safety and lighting systems, heat detectors, manual call points, smoke detectors and combo units.

Get exceptional reaction times

Improve detection of fires that involve synthetic materials, using fire alarms that include touch-screen control panels.

Innovative response to a fire threat

Advanced technology for fire detection, alarm systems, voice alarms and PA, with a strong partner network in the UK and Middle East.

Availability: UK, Spain, META

For the dual threat of fire and gas

Honeywell Industrial Fire Solutions deliver specialized SIL-certified fire and gas detection with expertise in chemical, oil and energy industries.

Fast detection for fast evacuation

Fire detection and alarm controls integrated with flexible PA systems and voice alarms for low-complexity building requirements.

Availability: UK, Spain, Germany, BENELUX, META, LAR

Guide safely with sight and sound

Our addressable fire alarm systems connect with System Sensor® and Hochiki® devices and scale to work with future detection and output tech.

Safe evacuations in broad situations

Call point and audio visual alarms that support diverse industries, including hazardous areas, marine environments and voltage applications.

Alert quickly, evacuate efficiently

Emergency communication and mass notification software ensure warnings reach the right people and hasten evacuation.

Availability: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxmbourg, Sweden, META

Detect fires from many directions

Fire safety devices, including smoke and carbon monoxide detection, HVAC and sprinkler monitoring, and audible/visible notifications.

Smoke alerts before you see smoke

Aspirating smoke detectors give people time to respond before compromising life safety, critical infrastructure or business continuity.