Man walking near buildings
Man walking near buildings

NOTIFIER by Honeywell

Be nimble, be quick

We offer a complete range of fire detection and alarm control systems that provide uninterrupted and cost-effective protection — helping you promptly identify danger and react fast.


Take full control, for one or for all

Protect one site or multiple buildings with our intelligent fire alarm systems that offer seamless integration and just one network for complete control.


Steady protection, speedy response 

Our addressable detector range provides fast and reliable response to fires — minimizing the nuisance and expenses associated with false alarms.


Leading you back to safety

By using advanced cause-and-effect functionalities, our systems can help optimize your site’s evacuation process.


Cable-free fire safety 

We can help fortify your building’s safety with flexible, integrated and reliable wireless fire protection solutions.  


Knowledge is power

When you’re the first to know, you’re the first to act. Discover our emergency communications systems that broadcast live, up-to-the-minute information.


Control on the go 

CLSS provides you with remote and on-site software tools that help reduce risks and enhance building safety.  


Identify threats early on 

We use progressive technology, including our unique sensitivity and cooperative point detection, to ensure system stability and early warnings.


Certification made easy

Our solutions are dedicated to the highest standards of service and product quality, and comply with even the harshest industry standards and regulations.

Let’s find a solution

Together, we can find the right fire safety solution for your building — empowering you to quickly respond to potential fires and evacuate people immediately.