Make better use of your assets, from the built environment to your people.


Our BEMS ensures your building services are working effectively, helping to control your energy wastage, reducing your carbon footprint. Plus our unique system compatibility often reduces the need to replace existing equipment or infrastructure.

Our Partners have helped numerous customers to make their buildings more sustainable - including award winning BREEAM (the UK’s Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) compliant buildings and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – launched by the US Green Building Council).


Our BEMS can be found in many BREEAM  compliant built environments, including office, healthcare and education sectors. We can help your building meet BREEAM performance targets for energy use, waste, health and wellbeing, pollution and management. 

Through our BEMS, we’ve helped our customers reduce their carbon emissions, adapt to temperature changes, ensure occupant comfort and wellbeing, and reduce their impact on the environment.


LEED is one of the world’s most popular green building rating systems. It can help you create healthy, efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Our BEMS can help to eliminate unnecessary energy waste, improve occupant health and save resources.

A Trend BEMS can help you perform better in terms of certification points across Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation. With enhanced LEED certification, your buildings will be globally recognized for their sustainable achievement.