Quality and Safety

NOTIFIER achieves success through its steadfast commitment to quality. First in the industry to be approved under ISO 9001 standards in April, 1993, NOTIFIER employs professionals in research, design, engineering and production. These dedicated professionals work as a tight-knit team to ensure compliance with performance specifications.

NOTIFIER continuously strives to improve product quality and business processes by adhering to these practices:

Quality Management System Certification

NOTIFIER Quality System Registration:

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Quality and Six Sigma Plus

Continuous improvement efforts are driven through our Six Sigma culture, while Honeywell’s Behaviors set our boundaries.

Our "Six Sigma Plus" initiative delivers on a promise and takes our current business processes to the next level. Being good isn’t good enough. Business success is a moving target and we must get better and better each year at providing products and services. We must constantly re-evaluate and improve our processes so that we can anticipate the constantly evolving needs of our customers.

Six Sigma Plus is our strategy to provide maximum value to our customers by accelerating improvements in all of our processes, products, and services. It provides us with a model, process and tool set to bring breakthrough strategies and improvements that bring increasing value to our customers.

Sigma is a measurement of process performance—including process manufacturing, product development, customer service or any other business process. Sigma measures the capability of the process to perform defect-free work—a defect defined as anything that results in customer dissatisfaction.