Healthcare Spaces

Stable, efficient air flow management

The Phoenix Controls system provides fast, stable and repeatable space ventilation and pressurization control that supports standard operating, patient, isolation, and pandemic room requirements, while helping to minimize the spread of infection and provide the best energy savings options without compromising patient, staff, or visitor safety.

Phoenix Controls, in conjunction with your BACnet®-running BMS, can assist with:  

  • Room Pressure/Infection Control Strategies 
  • Patient Health and Comfort Automation
  • Accreditation Management
  • Facility Operations/Maintenance Savings
  • Flexible Surgical and Critical Care Control Strategies 
  • Energy Management Optimization
  • Reliable, Accurate, HVAC Performance

See Phoenix Controls healthcare solution in action. Details on our “demo tour” page.

  • Phoenix Controls Venturi Valve
  • APM Room Monitor
  • Phoenix Controls Tracking Pair Venturi Valves
  • General Exhaust, Supply and Return Valves
  • APM II Monitor
  • Vista Pressure Monitor
  • Valve Upgrade Kits
  • Vision CE
  • Vista Monitor
  • Vision CE
  • Temp and Humidity Sensors
  • APM II Central Display 
  • View Room Displays