System Sensor products provide world-class fire and smoke detection.

System Sensor

Founded in 1984, System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire and life safety devices, specializing in smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, ​and notification technology for world-wide applications.

Featured Products

L-Series Drop-In Ceiling Tiles

The drop-in ceiling tile speakers, strobes and speaker strobes offer a complete turn-key solution that offers a cleaner and faster installation, reduced labor costs and lower risk than traditional AV notification appliances.

Reflective Beam Smoke Detection

The OSI-R Series of beam smoke detectors are uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings while offering quicker installation and easier maintenance, saving you time and money over other smoke detection methods.

HyperSpike® Long Range Speakers

HyperSpike speakers offer revolutionary sound quality and intelligibility for fire and life safety applications and their innovative designs exceed the highest standards in military and acoustic notification markets