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Learn more about Can bus Techology

Discover more about the technology behind Morley-IAS Max and howit provides a reliable and a cost-effective solution for fire safety.

National Library of Wales gets 'Maximised' Fire Safety

Learn more about how the UK's largest library benefitted from improved networking speeds through the installation of Morley-IAS Max.

Morley-IAS Max Series Technical Documentation

Looking for more technical information? Get detailed Manuals and Instructions for the installation, commissioning and operation of the Morley-IAS Max Series.

Morley-IAS Max Repeater

See an overview and technical specification of Max MA-LCD7. Learn how it is configurable to operate as a Repeater or Zonal Mimic.

Connected Fire Safety

With the combined comprehensive event log that Morley-IAS Max delivers, and secure cloud-based storage that comes with CLSS, achieve complete peace of mind with a vast logbook of indisputable electronic records, date stamped with technician credentials.

Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

Honeywell Morley-IAS Max now integrates with the Honeywell Connected Life Safety Service application (CLSS), the innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that maximises the performance of Morley-IAS Max.

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