Morley-IAS Max

Find the latest downloads and manuals for the Morley-IAS Max Series products.

Morley-IAS Max Series Technical Documentation

Click the links below for detailed Manuals and Instructions for the installation, commissioning and operation of the Morley-IAS Max Series

Technical Datasheet

See an overview of the Max system including technical specifications, available options and spares.

Installation Manual

Instructions for the successful installation and basic commissioning of Max series panels.

Commissioning Manual

Detailed recommended procedures for commissioning of Max series control panels.

Operating Manual

How to use Max series Control panels for regular mandatory procedures and understand status information.

Configuration and LBC Tools

Access the loop and battery calculator and download the MA-Tool for successful commissioning the Max panel.


Download the latest firmware for the Max panel by selecting the version relevant to your panel and region.

Display Dismantling Procedure

In line with Ecodesign requirements – removal and dismantling instructions for the Max Display.

Cyber Security Manual

This guide is intended to provide information on recommended Cybersecurity practices associated with day to day use of Morley-IAS products.

BIM Objects

Content-rich BIM objects for the Morley-IAS Max range of panels (Revit Families).

CLSS Activation Guide

This guide is intended to provide information on how to install CLSS Gateway to MORLEY Max & DxC fire panels to activate cloud-based connectivity.

Morley-IAS Max Repeater

See an overview and technical specification of Max MA-LCD7. Learn how it is configurable to operate as a Repeater or Zonal Mimic.

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