Renowned for quality, reliability and safety

Logic Plus wiring devices are expertly manufactured in the UK** and installed in buildings globally. Choose from a vast and still growing range of devices, all of which are easy to install and backed by our unwavering commitment to the highest standards.



Designed and engineered for installers. Insist on the must-have easy install features. Choose clearly marked, in-line terminals with backed out and captive screws.

Our range has expanded to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Our innovations help us meet the new challenges our customers are facing and anticipate the trends that are to come.

The evolution of the switchsocket.

Incorporates tool-less, spring-loaded cable clamp terminations that provide safe, secure wiring connections that won't degrade over time.


Take charge with efficiency and safety.

With Dynamic Device Recognition, a device recognises our socket like it would its own charger and draws current in a way that’s most efficient.


A wide selection of products to support Part M compliance.

Our offering includes graphite coloured frontplates that feature wide rocker switches and sockets with outboard rockers.


Switches are so intelligent, they know how to power themselves.

The future of switching is here. And it’s called echo.
An echo switch is wireless, batteryless, and is powered by capturing ambient energy. 

We give you quality. Then we give you choice.

Explore the widest selection of white moulded wiring devices available. We’re sure you’ll discover the solution that’s right for you today.

High current switches

TV/FM/Sat/Telephone outlets

Some of the many places you’ll find our products.


You’ll find us wherever hygiene is important.

Inherently antibacterial and antiviral, Logic Plus is the most widely tested wiring device range. Perfect for wherever hygiene is a priority.


In an office, devices, like people, have to work together.

With the widest selection of white moulded wiring devices in one range, you get the flexibility to meet your building’s needs. Today and tomorrow.


We know how to feed a student’s power hungry devices.

Wherever students are learning, our USB Charging Solutions meet their growing need for a safe and efficient charge for any mobile device.

There’s more to explore.

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*Excludes electronic products.
**Over 80% of MK's products sold in the UK and Ireland are also made in the UK
***Independent time trial .