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Powering the Future

Discover Connected Power, designed to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings, introducing the UK's first fully integrated large scale socket solution, offering effective monitoring and control of plug-in equipment.

We Make Lasting Connections.

For over a century, MK Electric’s range of Wiring Devices and Cable Management solutions have set the standard for quality, reliability and safety. We're inventors, engineers, pioneers and perfectors. Now, with our latest innovations, we’ll continue Powering the Future.


If it has to do with powering a place of business, a school, a hospital or even your home, we have a system that does it efficiently, safely and beautifully.

Healthy Power

Our renowned Logic Plus wiring devices provide kill rates of over 99.99% against harmful bacteria and viruses. Use with Prestige 3D Antibac Blue trunking for a complete solution.

USB-C Charging Solutions

USB-C can charge more equipment than just phones and tablets. In the future, devices and cables will deliver up to 100W of power, far beyond what was possible with USB-A.

Beautiful  and Practical

The MK Design Service offers customers bespoke products, perfect when only a customised solution will do. We can even add bespoke functionality, like enhanced security features. 

The Things We Value Most.

From our humble beginning in a London factory over a century ago, we’ve grown to become UK’s leading wiring devices manufacturer. Today, our innovative spirit, and our core values have remained very much unchanged.

We Value Quality.

We start with the finest materials. Our manufacturing is done to exacting standards. Then we test our products relentlessly. Only then will they earn the right to bear the MK Electric name.

We Value Your Safety.

We exceed British Standards with a 3-pin “child resistant” shutter system. Our USB sockets protect against a short circuit. And we feature double pole switching. All to keep you safe.

We Value Your Time.

Quick, easy installation is important. That's why our Logic Plus Rapid Fix switch socket features tool-free, screwless termination, offering up to a 45% faster install time.

Products and Services That Have Led the Market Since 1919

We constantly strive to build ever-more-innovative products made in state-of-the-art factories and backed by customer service that is second to none.

There’s More to Explore.

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