An IP66 rating ensures total ingress protection.

Masterseal Plus is IP66 rated when in use, offering total dust ingress protection and providing a robust seal against high-pressure water jets coming from any direction.

Our range has expanded to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Our innovations help us meet the new challenges our customers are facing and anticipate the trends that are to come.

RCD protected sockets

Delivering enhanced RF immunity against nusiance tripping when exposed to electronic devices such as mobile phones and are fully compliant to the latest standards including BS7288:2016.

Choice of 1 gang and 2 gang, active or passive options.


An innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self-powered switches, invaluable for environments where the channelling of walls isnt feasible or in areas needing to rearrange spaces periodically.

We give you protection. Then we give you choice.

We have a wide selection of Masterseal Plus products from which to choose. So take some time to browse around. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something that fits your application perfectly.

Some of the many places you’ll find our products.

Robust enough for a warehouse.

Masterseal is made from recycled polycarbonate for impact protection and, thanks to a patented gel seal, it’s water and dust tight.

The perfect choice for hotel and leisure centres.

Designed for areas where wiring devices would be at risk from dust or water, Masterseal is ideal for hotel swimming pools and commercial kitchens.

Protection for a home and its occupants.

The range is sealed, even in use, with virtually any standard 13 amp plug, including those with molded plug tops.

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