Meet high durability demands with high quality design.

Tough and impact resistant, this wide range can stand up to much more than everyday wear and tear. Ideal for workshops, factories and high traffic areas such as schools and shopping centres.



Delivering solutions to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Our range continues to expand, addressing challenges with renowned quality, reliability and safety.

USB sockets

Take Charge with optimal and efficient charging thanks to our Dynamic Device Recognition technology. 

Grid Plus

Expand your options even further with our comprehensive range of grid frontplates - from 1G- 24G - and vast grid module range.

RCD sockets

Active and passive options for localised protection in sockets with enhanced RF immunity against nuisance tripping.


Wireless. Batteryless. Self-powered. The future of the switch.

We give you durability. Then we give you choice.

Explore the vast range of options available and discover the solution for you today.

Some of the many places you’ll find our products.


As hardworking as you are.

Made with heavy gauge metal, the aluminum range is tough and impact resistant, ideal for the demands of most industrial environments.


Its design makes an impact. Its ruggedness takes an impact.

The Metalclad Plus range combines durability and an attractive appearance. Ideal for sports halls and corridors where impact is likely.


Made in our factory to be robust in yours.

The tough metal structure and RCD protected socket option make it essential when protection is needed locally with the added benefit of RF immunity.

There’s more to explore.

Additional Metalclad Plus details are a download away.
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*Over 80% of MK products sold in the UK and Ireland are made in the UK.

**Excludes electronic products