A road map for navigating your greatest complexities

What are your efficiency goals? Safety issues? Financing questions? Our consulting experts find solutions, then help you implement them.

Challenges have a way of gaining complexity as you map out your future, whether you’re facing a single funding issue or serious infrastructure concerns. Having implemented thousands of efficiency projects globally, projected to provide $5 billion in savings, we can help you face common building management challenges:

You know you’re wasting energy, but from where?

To find out, we can offer our consulting engineers, work with your current facility management company, or both. We can start with an audit of your facility, including:

  • An analysis of your building utilization, the condition of your equipment and your energy consumption
  • An evaluation of all your building’s systems
  • Development of an optimization plan, including financing

You need a sustainability program, but where do you start?

We’ll work directly with you, or in partnership with your facility manager, to create the optimal blend of technology and services to reach your business and environmental goals. We can help you:

  • Fund improvements within existing budgets
  • Reduce energy usage without reducing comfort
  • Cut costs and your carbon footprint

An energy-saving solution good for Dayton and the Earth

We helped the city of Dayton save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. And greatly reduce its carbon footprint. See how we did it. Watch the video.

You have to squeeze greater performance out of a smaller budget

If you’re like most building managers, you’re being asked to solve the challenges of aging structures with shrinking budgets — while still providing comfort and productivity for your people. We can help you tackle those complexities with:

  • An assessment of what systems can be replaced or enhanced with more versatile technologies and maintenance services to keep systems running at peak efficiency
  • Guidance on how to integrate those systems through innovative software
  • A panoramic view of your facility for better informed decision-making

You know what you need but you don’t know how to pay for it

Our experts will share solutions to transform your facility into an intelligent, connected and efficient asset. They’ll suggest preventive maintenance plans that alert you to possible equipment failures…before they occur. And give you options to make these solutions affordable, including:

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts that reduce or eliminate the need for capital funding
  • Public and private partnerships that let you finance a project and lease it back to the organization over time
  • Power Purchase Agreements that guarantee energy rates at or below conventional rates when your facility is fueled by a renewable resource


Your company’s moving into the future, but your building isn’t

As a world leader in creating the latest technologies to make buildings smarter, safer and more efficient, we want to help lead your building into the future. We have the capacity and expertise to handle projects of any size. We’ve done it for thousands of other facilities. We’d like to do it for yours. Let’s talk.