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Tools & Software

Audio Samples: AV Tones

Lets you hear all the different audio tones of the AV notification appliances, such as the temporal 3 and non-temporal for the electromechanical, 3.1KHz, 520Hz, as well as the chimes.

Calculator: AV Strobe Coverage

Formerly known as the Equivalent Facilitation Calculator, the Strobe Coverage Calculator was programmed to assist you in the design of audible or visible notification device circuits. The data provided by the user helps perform the calculations described in NFPA 72-2002, 2007, 2010 and 2013 edition, which enables a performance-based alternative in lieu of tables for spacing ceiling mounted devices.

Calculator: Voltage Drop

Voltage Drop calculations for System Sensor AV products can be done using the Honeywell Online Tools for Fire (HOTFire) site. HOTFire is a free online site that helps users quickly plan and model notification appliance circuits (NACs) using the entire line of SpectrAlert® Advance and L-Series.  Its simple, step-by-step process makes it easy for users to configure panels and circuits from a variety of devices.

Calculator: Fire/CO Value

With the free Fire/CO Value Calculator, you can estimate potential savings generated by the Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector over other defined configurations. Your actual project savings and costs may vary.

Cross-Reference: AV L-Series to SpectrAlert Advanced

Access a cross-reference document that covers AV notification appliances, from the previous SpectrAlert Advance line to the latest L-Series line. This document contains information on model numbers, descriptions, markings, and lens color.

Cross-Reference: Base/OEM Detector Compatibility

Now it's easy to identify System Sensor bases that are compatible with individiual OEM detectors.

FAAST Firmware

Ensure your FAAST device has the most up-to-date firmware. Follow the steps in the Tech Bulletin to check your current firmware version and update your device firmware if needed.

PipelQ Software

PipeIQ® is the free all-in-one system design, configuration, and monitoring software for the System Sensor FAAST line of aspirating smoke detectors, including the new FAAST XT. This latest software also includes an enhanced interface for increased ease of use. PipeIQ guides users through the initial pipe layout and system configuration for a FAAST aspiration system.

Distributor Finder

Enter a zip code, select a range, and choose a Distributor type to locate the nearest Distributor.