Find smoke before it’s visible.

Gent’s ASD systems sense fires very early – often before they are even visible and before intense smoke develops – making them especially well-suited to mission-critical and high-risk environments.

FAAST fire responses to warehouse challenges.

Our FAAST aspirating smoke detection systems quickly identify smoke particles in warehouses, speeding evacuation and protecting inventory.


Complete design and installation guide for ASD systems

A guide for specifiers, designers and installers of Gent’s ASD fire systems, with suggestions for a range of applications and environments.


ASD in cold environments

Cold environments present challenges to smoke detection. This guide contains design and installation advice for successful deployments.

Learn more in our accredited CPD

Gent provides a one-hour CPD course about how ASDs work, which environments are best suited for this type of fire detection, and what you should consider when designing and installing an ASD system.