Gent Self-Test Revolutionising Fire Detection

Introducing the first EN approved detectors that can test themselves using real smoke and heat.

Gent Approved Partners

Gent exclusively supplies its equipment to our approved network of customers who are selected for their ability to deliver the highest quality of service.

Featured products

Li-ion Tamer

Preventing thermal runaway fires

The Li-ion Tamer rack system monitors lithium-ion batteries for off-gassing, an early indicator of catastrophic failure. 

Visual alarm devices

Standards-compliant visual alarms help keep occupants safe

All of Gent’s visual alarm devices, both wall and ceiling, comply with the EN54-23 standard. 

A Heritage of Expertise

Gent’s manufacturing heritage dates back to the 1930s. With a wide network of experts across the UK, we offer unmatched choice and control over fire safety systems. 


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