We'll meet your demand. And your need for bespoke solutions.

High volume manufacturing capability enables us to meet high demand for projects. Couple that with years of experience embedding OEM protocols within our systems to provide a customized approach.

Like any other business, OEM is all about connections.

We help OEMs enter new regions with expert approval and documentation due to strong connections with the major approval bodies.

When major bodies approve it, we think you will, too.

KAC works with approval bodies to ensure our products meet the highest standards for use in different regions and applications.

OEMs needed flexibility. So KAC delivered.

Customization options combined with a bespoke branding and packaging service delivers the flexibility demanded by OEMs.

Tap into the knowledge of an expert.

Our people have the experience, gained over many years, to guide you to the solution that's right for your building. They're ready to share their knowledge with you. Let's get started.