What is a BEMS?

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS/BMS) enables owners or users to have visibility and control over their buildings energy usage and environmental conditions from anywhere in the world.

Intelligently manage your building with a BEMS

BEMS, also known as BMS, create a comfortable, frictionless and efficient experience for building occupants and operators.

Installing a BEMS helps to futureproof your building, getting it ready for the smart era by intelligently monitoring and controlling your building  services such as Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Lighting (HVAC+L).

The optimal level of efficiency is achieved by continuously maintaining the correct balance between your operating requirements and external/internal environmental conditions.

Why leading operators are using BEMS

For sustainability

We recognize that many owners and tenants are under increasing pressure to manage their energy usage more efficiently. A BEMS will identify normal usage patterns and manage these against your expected or desired levels; helping you to control energy waste and ensuring occupant comfort is maintained.

A BEMS can control as much as 84% of your building's energy consumption; fully automatically, day-in and day-out giving you complete peace of mind that your energy usage is fully optimized.

For cost-savings

Energy savings are also good for your bottom-line. Reducing waste will help cut the costs of operating your building. With a BEMS, you’ll quickly see where savings can be made, without compromising on the user/tenant experience.

For a better occupant experience

Building conditions change over time, ensure that your tenants’ workplaces are comfortable and optimised, by remotely monitoring working conditions through a BEMS. Keep track of the working environment via user-friendly dashboards and real-time data.

For building continuity

System downtime is hugely expensive and can be damaging. In specialist environments, such as Data Centers or Healthcare environments, it’s vital that building systems must be reliable and robust. A BEMS can help keep operations running smoothly by alerting users to possible issues before they arise to prevent unplanned downtime.

For agility and adaptation

A BEMS also helps your built environment adapt to changing occupant needs. When requirements change, new products must be compatible with existing installations to reduce the expense of re-installing systems and the waste of perfectly good equipment.


With Trend products being backwards compatible, your system is future-proofed, saving you time, money and resources on things like staff training.

For improved integration

In time, you’ll want your BEMS to do more than simply control your HVAC equipment. Therefore, Trend has designed its BEMS to integrate with third-party systems or products, including:

●     Packaged units

●     Under-floor heating

●     Window/lighting control

●     Fire systems

●     Access systems

To make the process easier, all Trend Partners are ‘System Integrators’ and can help you identify integration opportunities to make your building ‘smarter.’

For corporate and social responsibility

With a BEMS, you have tangible proof of your building’s contribution to wider corporate and social responsibility (CSR) goals. A BEMS will provide reports to demonstrate how your building’s energy usage and carbon emissions are reducing, helping you to meet your legislative and CSR demands with external stakeholders, senior decision-makers and more.

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