Cybersecurity for the built environment

Cybersecurity that’s designed into the fabric of your BEMS right from the start.

Improve your cybersecurity with a BEMS

Cybercrime poses a significant risk to all organizations, and cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. That’s why your buildings need the optimum protection incorporated throughout their building services infrastructure.

Our BEMS is built with cybersecurity at its core, reducing the risk of your BEMS system being used as a point of access. However, security must be designed into the buildings operation from the outset and never be considered an optional extra.

Effective cybersecurity can only be achieved through effective partnership between a manufacturer, Systems Integrator and End User. Therefore, although vital, a trusted and reliable BEMS manufacturer is only part of the solution. Having a system installed by a competent and accredited Systems Integrator will ensure that a manufacturer’s installation recommendations are applied correctly.

At Trend, we frequently remind our approved System Integrators about the importance of the potential issues around cybersecurity and help them to ensure their customers’ BEMS are properly secured.

Ensuring that a BEMS does not become the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain means applying the same level of best practice afforded to other areas of an IT network Infrastructure. It’s also vital to ensure that it is reviewed and tested on a regular basis, providing our customers the protection they deserve.

Our Partners for BEMS cybersecurity

Our Partners can ensure your BEMS is protected and maintained to the latest cybersecurity standards. Protect your building now.