From left to right: Nate McIness (Student), Ben Beckford (Student), Callan Halliwell (Student), Ben Wolf (co-inventor of Self-Test), Iya Miiran (Student), Joel Paul (Student) and Alfie Appleby (Student)

Honeywell is championing emerging talent

Gent Blog Post

Seven final year students from The University of Manchester’s Film School were offered the opportunity to produce a promotional video at Honeywell’s Leicester offices.

The student film crew embarked on a journey to Honeywell's Leicester offices, capturing the essence of Honeywell Gent’s product launch: Self-Test. Their creative vision was brought to life through a series of compelling videos that showcased the functionality and wide-ranging applications of Self-Test in large buildings. The team also captured in-depth footage of the Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) App; the ground-breaking companion to Self-Test that captures fire maintenance activities.

Introducing Honeywell Gent Self-Test

Honeywell Gent’s revolutionary Self-Test technology introduces a new era in remote smoke detector testing. This innovative system utilises a compact module that seamlessly integrates with existing detectors, along with a cloud-based maintenance App (CLSS). By generating smoke and heat locally, Self-Test periodically tests the performance of detectors, significantly reducing the labour-intensive processes of testing and inspecting commercial fire alarm systems.

Ben Wolf, Global Product Offering Leader at Honeywell, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration: "I was thrilled to offer this opportunity to such a talented group of students. Supporting emerging talent is essential, and as a leading company, we are proud to champion the growth of young professionals in the industry."

Meet the Student Filmmakers

The promotional video project was undertaken by a dynamic team known as "Make It Media," consisting of six skilled individuals from The University of Manchester's Film School.

Callan Halliwell, Cameraman and Director of Photography emphasised the importance of gaining real-world experience: "Experience is your best friend in this industry. Seeking opportunities and building your portfolio is critical."

Nate McIness, Assistant Director, shared his excitement about the project: "Filming at Honeywell was a great experience. Adapting to different filming environments within the building was a valuable learning experience for me as a filmmaker."

Joel Paul, Director and Tech Support, highlighted the hands-on nature of studying at a Film School: "Our studies are highly practical, with 90% of our work being hands-on. Building a portfolio with real industry experience is crucial for us."

Reflecting on the day, Alfie Appleby, Drone Operator, said: "My highlight was filming the drone footage in the car park. The logistics of filming drone footage require meticulous planning, which I thoroughly enjoyed."

Ben Beckford, Sound Recordist, emphasised the significance of collaborating with a prominent company like Honeywell: "Working with such a reputable company on an important project has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

Aya Miiran, Camera and Lighting Assistant, emphasised the competitive nature of the industry: "Having experience working with a blue-chip company like Honeywell is fantastic for one's CV. In such a competitive industry, gaining a wealth of experience is essential for building a strong portfolio."

Luke Davies, Producer, said:

"It was an absolute honour to produce this project and to work with Honeywell. I can't wait for the next one, alongside my editor John Mackender we found the postproduction phase very rewarding getting the opportunity to learn marketing from the Honeywell experts is a golden opportunity for which we are grateful for." 

Honeywell recognises the importance of nurturing emerging talent and remains committed to supporting young professionals in their pursuit of excellence.