Installation of Morley-IAS Max panel offers scalable solution with improved networking speeds.

The National Library of Wales (NLW) is the largest library in the country, holding more than 6.5 million books and periodicals and large collections of archives, portraits, maps, and photographic images. The library was established on 19 March 1907, and several extensions have been added since then. In 1996 a large new storage building was opened, and in recent years, many changes have been made to the front part of the building. A new Royal Charter was granted in 2006.


Over time, the fire system at the NLW started to generate equipment failures across the site. The site required an upgrade to a modern addressable system. The Head of Estates wanted a system that was easier to use, allowed for networked panels, and featured an open protocol solution. Having carried out fire suppression works and room integrity testing at the library previously, AKD Fire & Security discussed the benefits of the Morley-IAS equipment when the site began looking to upgrade to a more advanced system.


The latest Morley-IAS Max panel incorporates new features that fit the project brief, moving the NLW to select it for its system upgrade. The panels offered an advanced and powerful fire detection system using CAN bus technology. This protocol makes the system resistant to external factors as electrical disturbances and other sources of false alarms. “The new system was sold on the fact that the networking was extremely fast, and the ergonomic touch-screen user interface simplified graphics and responsive notifications were future proof. The site was also pleased to be the first to have the Morley-IAS Max system installed,” said Alan Duff, Managing Director, AKD Fire & Security. As the site was fitted with older technology from a previous supplier, the upgraded fire system required installation of new System Sensor hard wired equipment and Agile radio equipment. Due to full backward compatibility feature of Morley-IAS Max, the existing smoke beams and ASD systems were interfaced into the fire system. 


Although the installation was completed during the pandemic, AKD Fire & Security secured key worker exemption so the installation could continue, on time and on budget. The full site upgrade bought the site up to an L1 type fire alarm system and is scheduled for further upgrades into the installation over time. “The new system works well especially the speed of the networking,” complimented Alan Duff, Managing Director, AKD Fire & Security. AKD Fire & Security have since quoted for and won the installation of additional fire alarm works to a new NWL building, allowing the whole site to benefit from the family of Honeywell’s latest Morley-IAS technologies.