Secure by Default

To be truly effective, security needs to be built-in from the ground up. Hardware needs to be designed to resist physical attacks and provide secure storage to other components. Operating systems need to take advantage of hardware security features, and applications need to use the right operating system security features.

Secure by Default is about taking a holistic approach to solving security problems at root cause rather than treating the symptoms; acting at scale to reduce the overall harm to a particular system or type of component. Secure by Default covers the long-term technical effort to ensure that the right security primitives are built in to software and hardware. It also covers the equally demanding task of ensuring that those primitives are available and usable in such a way that the market can readily adopt them.

We work with hardware, firmware and software vendors to develop technologies that mitigate the latest threats, and ensure that they result in a device that is no less usable than before. 

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