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CPD Certificate No: A013739

GDPR: Access Control and Intruder Detection

This one-hour review covers GDPR regulation and its effect on data collection for access control and intruder detection systems.

CPD Certificate No: A013741

GDPR: Video Surveillance and Cloud Based Systems

This course covers the effects of GDPR regulations on data collection and storage for video surveillance and cloud-based systems.

CPD Certificate No: 1712T1

Introduction to Access Control Systems

This one-hour module introduces Access Control Systems, from the basic components to an overview of card and reader technology.

CPD Certificate No: 1712T2

Detector Selection and False Alarm Prevention

This one-hour module introduces intruder detection systems, covering basic components and describing ancillary devices and their operation.

CPD Certificate No: 1712T3

Transitioning to IP Video Systems

This one-hour module introduces network-based CCTV, illustrating how analogue systems can be migrated to IP and expanded to multi-site systems.

CPD Certificate No: A007778

Take Care, Be Cyber Aware! A Guide to Cyber Security within IP CCTV

This one-hour module covers security risks with IP CCTV, and discusses prevention techniques and what to do when attacks are identified.

CPD Certificate No: A010376

Integration vs Interoperability: What is integration in the context of security?

This one-hour module discusses the benefits of an integrated security system versus individual products from different manufacturers.

CPD Certificate No: A011595

Enhancing Perimeter Detection Through Advanced Detection

This one-hour module suggests methods of better securing perimeters by using advanced detection products.