University Campus
University Campus

A connected campus is a safer campus.

NOTIFIER’s industry leading solutions can be customized to meet the needs of any application or complex challenges that come with keeping a campus protected.

Rely on our flexible, integrated life safety systems.

The best way to deal with an emergency is to be ready before it happens. A powerful, reliable and expandable system is essential to detect and react immediately –protecting your building and its occupants.

Explore some of the industries that depend on NOTIFIER's connected solutions.


We've got solutions for connecting your campus.

Integrated Emergency Communications

Our multichannel communication systems are designed to alert occupants throughout your facility and across your campus.

Multi-Site Connections

Our network solutions are sophisticated enough to connect your entire campus locally. Or even globally.

Streamlined protection and prevention

Our systems feature connectivity that maximizes monitoring, reduces downtime, and minimizes disruptions.

The right detection for the right application

We can help design a solution that protects people and assets with advanced early warning and specialty detection systems.

At the heart of our connected solutions are our products.

You've seen how a connected campus can help make buildings, and people, better protected and safer. Now explore some of the products that make it all happen.

INSPIRE™ delivers protection as extensive as your network.

INSPIRE™ cybersecure, scalable and software-enabled Fire Alarm Panels can support up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices.

Optimize the efficiency of emergency responses.

Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) brings connectivity to fire safety, providing extensive visibility for accurate responses.

Pinpoint alarm events anywhere in your enterprise.

Using a graphical display, CLSS Horizon quickly identifies and responds to emergencies throughout a campus, regardless of size.

Broadcast an urgent emergency message. Or target one.

Our Digital Voice Command can play 8 simultaneous messages and network multiple DVCs across a campus or within a single facility.

Our control panels are like people. They work better together.

With NOTI-FIRE-NET™ intelligent fire alarm network, each local control panel protects its own area while monitoring other areas.

One of the most powerful firefighting tools – information.

ONYX FirstVision™ uses advanced wayfinding technology to show firefighters exactly where a fire started. And where it has spread.

The earlier an issue is found, the better the outcome.

Our Advanced Detection portfolio has products that can alert you at the earliest possible moment. So a fire doesn't escalate.

For a first responder, a radio signal is a lifeline.

Our Bi-Directional Amplifier solutions strengthen critical radio signals, even in buildings with concrete, e-windows and metal.

Connected systems and the people who know them best.

NOTIFIER provides integrated life safety solutions for the most challenging scenarios. By partnering with our NOTIFIER Authorized Distributors, you get full service and support from a network of highly trained industry experts.