Complete HVAC system control across multiple sites

Simple to install, configure and deploy with little to no down time. Choose what to measure at each site and tie in other systems. Easily add additional Honeywell sensors, devices and locations as your business grows.

Product Portfolio

Cloud-based supervisor

Users can easily manage sites via scheduling, alerts, and real-time monitoring, tracking KPIs such as energy savings from reduced operating costs and extended asset life cycles. 

Touchscreen color thermostat

Our smart thermostat automatically monitors and controls indoor comfort. It connects directly to the rooftop unit (RTU) – an all-in-on air-handling unit, chiller and boiler. 

Smart IO module

This IO module makes it easy to integrate other wired sensors and devices as needed and connects to the system’s gateway wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®.

Smart gateway

Enables the entire system – this device integrates and aggregates data from the thermostat, sensors and IO with the cloud platform for monitoring and control.

Wireless hub

This wireless hub connects IoT sensors to the dashboard using LoRaWAN protocol. It expands LoRa network coverage to difficult to reach areas.

Wireless sensors

Further optimize a building’s savings and comfort with precise monitoring from our broad range of wireless sensors for temperature and humidity, lighting, liquid levels and more. 

Design an intuitive multisite management system

Connect with a SMB Administrator Expert who can help design a HVAC system that makes building management simple – across any number of sites.