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Aspects you see. Aspects you don't.

Aspect – with a slim, 4mm profile and a clean, screwless design, its stylish good looks are at home anywhere. Less visible is the MK expertise in quality and safety. It’s built to last – right here in the UK.

The beauty of knowing your design needs will always be met.

Choose from eight beautiful metal finishes, switches with matching metal capped rockers and products with an option of black or white inserts. If you need something a little different, our MK Design Service offers a bespoke solution to suit, every time.


* Available in a choice of black or white inserts.


All our products are built with safety in mind. It’s been an MK hallmark for over 100 years.


Designed and engineered for installers. Insist on these must-have, easy install features.

Our range has expanded to serve the growing needs of our customers.

The vast Aspect range has evolved beyond our popular sockets and switches to embrace the very latest electronic technologies. Our innovations help us meet the new challenges our customers are facing and anticipate the trends that are to come.

Get optimal charging in the least amount of time.

With Dynamic Device Recognition, a device recognizes our socket like it would its own charger and draws current in a way that’s most efficient.  


Choose dimmers that don’t flicker or make a noise.

Thanks to digital dimming technology, our LED dimmers provide exceptional ambiance. They’re also covered by a class leading 10-year guarantee.


Switches with no wires and no batteries

Instead of using conventional power, our echo switches get their power by harvesting tiny amounts of ambient energy. 


Give a continuous aesthetic to any space.

The range, and possibilities, are vast with our modular system of switches and dimmers with matching rocker caps and much more.


A neat, aesthetic approach to power, AV and data connectivity.

Our Multimedia Plates bring multiple outlets to a single point, saving install time. Perfect for homes, hotels and commercial premises.

We give you quality. Then we give you choice.

Explore the vast range of Aspect products.

Some of the many places you’ll find Aspect.


Meet the increasing power demands of today’s devices.

Mobile phones, laptops and tablets have an endless appetite for power. Our USB charging solutions meet the demand safely and efficiently.


Surround your guests with beauty and efficiency.

The Aspect range is designed to elevate the look of any room. With our multimedia plates guests can have their power and data outlets in a single and neat location.


Grid Plus offers attractive finishes to match accessory ranges.

Our range of switches, indicators, dimmers, secret key switches and buzzer units make it ideal for commercial and public buildings.

There’s more to explore.

Additional Aspect details are a download away.

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*Excludes electronic products