Connect to real-time safety

Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) puts connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing real-time visibility that improves decision-making.

Peace of Mind at Every Stage

Minimize facility downtime, ensure compliance, and monitory your fire and life safety system remotely with Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS).

Streamlining Fire and Life Safety:

Seamless system compliance

With Honeywell CLSS, you benefit from cutting-edge device testing and templated or customized compliance reports available to you anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced planning tools improve uptime

CLSS enables predictive maintenance so managers locate and fix issues before they become costly problems. Systems are maintained quickly with limited impact on your business operations.

The power of real-time information

CLSS empowers you to view all your facilities live to ensure sites are operating effectively. Cross-site connectivity provides insight into scheduled system testing, inspection reports, and device inventory.

Cybersecurity is here to stay

Honeywell is committed to proactively monitoring the cybersecurity landscape and to help ensure that data is safely stored and accessed.

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