• Provides a more modern, functional and flexible wall module solution
  • Offers integrators and technicians a faster installation, set-up and customization


Honeywell announced the launch of its new Zio® TR120 Wall Module designed for use in commercial buildings. The Zio TR120 offers a more modern, functional and flexible wall module solution with a color touchscreen and intuitive interface. Using the Sylk™ bus technology and Niagara configuration, enables faster and lower cost installation, set-up and customization.

The Zio TR120 Wall Module is designed to make installation and daily use easy. It is highly customizable using the Niagara NX workbench tool to configure the tenant/user interface and desired functionality. In addition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control, the wall module provides scheduling capabilities plus variable air volume VAV system monitoring and setup for field technicians. The Zio TR120 is a competitively priced upscale product that is suitable for a range of applications such as corporate office buildings, executive suites and conference rooms, retail, hotels, medical offices or condominiums.

Key features of the Zio TR120 Wall Module include:

  • Aesthetic product design which features color touch screen that can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode
  • Intuitive interface can be customized for tenant/user mode with defined access to override or other controlled functions
  • Full HVAC operational scheduling, VAV balancing and parameter value monitoring as needed
  • Sylk bus communications for simple and low-cost installation
  • Niagara configuration for faster commissioning and lower total cost of installation
  • Tamper-proof system settings via password protection

Learn more about the Honeywell TR120 Wall Module here.