Good air quality is a prerequisite for school success.

Welcoming students back to school begins with healthier learning environments. Our experts can assess your needs, update your HVAC systems and help you secure funding to pay for it.


School security, indoor air quality, energy costs and aging buildings can impact your learning environment. We’ll help you address these issues affordably, for a sustainable, energy-efficient and safer campus.

Advanced security when every second and every life matters

To help keep your school safer, we’ll apply sophisticated, integrated technologies. Protection ranges from video surveillance, intrusion alarms and perimeter protection to a system that even employs gunshot detection.  Academics are your expertise. Safety is ours.


A lesson plan for putting safety goals into action

Upgrading or integrating your building infrastructure can be daunting. We’ll work with your current systems to find the most efficient solutions to your safety and connectivity needs.

Efficiency meets affordability.

High energy and operational costs pose serious challenges. We can offer budget-friendly, efficient approaches to energy, sustainability and air quality.

Update more by spending less.

We’ll show you how deferred maintenance buildings can be updated affordably. Our technology helps reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Get schooled in writing grants.

Enhance your learning environment without impacting your operating budget. We can help you write effective grants that secure funding.

Solutions customized to your campus.

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through infrastructure upgrades, energy efficiency plans and financing options to turn buildings into integrated assets.

Cyberthieves are out there.

When we help create a solution for your school, cybersecurity isn’t an afterthought. It’s built into virtually very process we institute, every product we create and every piece of software we deploy. The threat is out there. We’ll help you stay ahead of it.

A crisis happens fast. Alerts can too.

When a crisis occurs, Instant Alert Plus goes into action – notifying parents, faculty and staff by phone, email or text. Proper risk management instills trust in your school.

Keep eyes on every inch of your campus.

As pressure to tighten security grows, a single view of your campus is critical. Our video surveillance systems use data to help identify threats before they reach your people.

Be alerted to a fire and directed to safety.

Used in millions of buildings, our scalable fire alarm monitoring systems let students and staff know there’s a fire, and issue emergency messages for a more orderly evacuation.

Turn campus buildings into energy savers.

We’ll help you optimize energy usage, control lighting and predict when maintenance is needed. The money you save on energy can be used for what matters most – educating students.

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Talk to an education expert. 

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