Zone & Unitary Controllers

CP VAV Controller

Freely programmable native BACnet controller with base 21 input and outputs with integrated airflow sensor.

CP-VAV firmware 2.5 is based on B-AAC BACnet profile and is a Native BACnet series of controllers. It complies to BACnet 135-2007 protocol revision and has outstanding performance with 32 bit technology. It uses standard VAV application or flexible custom programming and has a built-in real time clock. It Connects to one of three BACnet MSTP channels of a ComfortPoint Open plant controller and is fully integrated with ComfortPoint Open Manager (CPOM) and Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI). It has flexible and easy configuration with ComfortPoint Open Studio and quick VAV Balancing with ComfortPoint Open online tool.

Features & Benefits:
  • Freely Programmable Native BACnet Controller CP-VAV is a freely programmable native BACnet controller. Onboard Input and Outputs CP-VAV comes with base 21 input and outputs with an integrated air flow sensor. VAV Applications ComfortPoint Open Studio tool comes with predefined VAV Applications which can be downloaded to CP-VAV. The Tool allows spare points programming as per user needs.
  • Programming and Balancing - CP-VAV can be programmed using ComfortPoint Open Studio. Balancing is done via ComfortPoint Open Online which allows online discovery of VAV devices on the BACnet MSTP channel.
  • Easy installation - The ComfortPoint Open plant controllers have a built in BACnet router which eliminates the need for additional BACnet routers for the system. ComfortPoint Open Manager and EBI can access all MSTP Unitary controllers via CPO-PC- 6A BACnet router.
  • Peer to Peer communication - CP-VAV can communicate and share points with CP-VAV and CP-SPC over MSTP network.
  • Flexible mounting options - DIN-rail or wall mounting.
  • Automatic MAC addressing - Automatically assigns own unique MAC address.
  • CE
  • BTL revision 7
  • UL 916
  • FCC Part15, Subpart B, Class B
  • ICES-003 issue 4