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We’re here to help you find cost-effective ways to protect your critical infrastructure and choose a set of building technologies that helps optimize uptime, safety, and sustainability.

Running a data center is a complex task. To make it easier, Honeywell, leader in connected buildings, and Vertiv, a global provider of critical data center infrastructure, are working together and delivering integrated data center solutions. Our building management controls, security, and life safety technology paired with Vertiv’s critical power and thermal solutions help operators achieve maximum data center uptime, along with sustainability and cost efficiency goals. 

View the latest roundtable with Honeywell and Vertiv to learn about the technology that helps makes data centers more safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable. 

Translate data from nearly any device or system 

Tridium’s Niagara framework provides an open structure to connect nearly any brand or system and build applications with speed and agility.

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Transform the potential into real outcomes

Leverage more insights with a combination of Honeywell Forge and ML partners that enables centralized management and seamless digitized maintenance of building technologies.

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Know danger before you see the smoke 

Aspirating smoke detectors give people time to respond before compromising life safety, critical infrastructure, or business continuity.

Quick alerts, efficient evacuations 

Our emergency communication and mass notification software ensure that warnings reach the right people in due time and hasten evacuations. Now available in: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, META.

Integrated Security Suite  

Pro-Watch provides an industry-leading, integrated security suite that spans across and enables management of video, access, and intrusion technologies. 

Li-ion Tamer® - Make Green Power, Safe Power

Without appropriate safety measures, Li-ion batteries can pose a serious fire risk: thermal runaway, an event that quickly escalates into a potentially destructive fire. Learn about our solutions to tackle these challenges.

Smart building management systems

Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions, and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring your HVAC systems with ease.

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Flexible automation solutions

Design, engineer, and control infrastructure and building management systems that adjust to your requirements.

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Customized pinpoint control

ControlEdge HC900 is a highly advanced and reliable Process & Logic Controller (PLC) to keep your critical equipment running at the right temperature. 

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Manage your critical digital infrastructure 

Vertiv’s partnership with Honeywell combines our operational technology experience with Vertiv's critical digital infrastructure solutions and power-thermal expertise.

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Complete coverage

Our smart energy offering is a turnkey end-to-end solution that can be combined with Honeywell outcome-based guarantees. 

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