Data erases distance

Our most valuable resource has never been more important. Data connects us across any distance – even social distance. It’s vital to ensure that the data you serve remains secure and available, even as you face historic surges in demand.

Keep your data center safe, efficient and resilient

Running a data center can prove to be an increasingly complex task. Our solutions make it simple for data centers to comply with changing regulations and optimize their outcomes.

Industry trends and challenges

Data growth

Stored data is expected to rise from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013, to an estimated 175 zettabytes by 2025. 

Energy and emissions

Data centers are responsible for 3% of the world power consumption and 2% of the global emissions, and these numbers are expected to grow. 

Global expansion

Data privacy concerns, government investments, use of mobile devices and new equipment are driving a global expansion of data centers.

Uptime costs

Human error and mechanical failure cause up to 88% of downtime. Building automation helps reduce risks and streamline operations.


As data privacy demands change, they bring new environmental and governmental regulations. Ensure compliance by improving data monitoring.

Steady upgrades

Only 6% of decision makers say their data centers are updated ahead of their needs and only 29% say they are satisfied with their facility.

Key data center outcomes and how to achieve them


Be the first to know. And to act.

Identify and quickly react to incidents to reduce risks. Condition-based maintenance helps identify failure risks before they happen.


Get back on track in no time

The cost of downtime for a data center can be crippling. Our integrated systems help identify issues fast and reduce associated risks.


More savings. Less hassle. 

By quickly detecting equipment issues, chiller optimization and digitized maintenance help improve your data center’s operational efficiency.


A new portfolio benchmark

Our solutions help protect your business as it continues to grow – improving portfolio visibility, infrastructure performance and uptime.


Knowledge is power. So is control.

Better monitor and manage your facility with integrated solutions that enhance system control, situational awareness and incident assessment.


It’s easy to play by the rules 

Take full advantage of data storage and reporting tools and resources to seamlessly comply with local and global regulations.

Put performance at the center of your data

Over 50% of global data centers rely on us. Our integrated, cyber-secure technologies help data centers exceed efficiency expectations and become as safe and as resilient as they could be. Let’s do the same for your facility.