We can’t predict the future, but we can better prepare for it.

As the world adapts to a new reality, businesses must leverage secure, reliable data to reinforce their building’s resilience, ensure business continuity, and prepare for future occupancy levels.

Outperform with building data working for you

An urgency-driven world needs data-driven businesses. Our configurable, cyber-secure solutions help you optimize your CapEx investments and OpEx opportunities.

Make your building part of your business continuity plan


Make your building autonomous

Honeywell Artificial intelligence, machine learning and video analytics help free up your team. Honeywell Forge enables disparate systems to work together.


Buildings that react in real time

Connected buildings adapt to occupancy, season or health needs. Predictive maintenance and secure data flow enable remote operations from a safe distance.


Don’t let hackers keep you up at night

Our cybersecurity solutions help you build resilience and reduce operational technology (OT) risks, while supporting business uptime.


Act with urgency and confidence

Downtime isn’t an option for critical applications. Protect what matters with detection systems that offer a fast emergency response and promote uptime.


Manage occupancy levels and new guidelines

Efficient use of space is powered by data, not guesswork. Monitor occupancy, manage risk, and ensure compliance, without compromising productivity.


Create continuity and compliance

The Honeywell Vector Occupant App helps you comply with social distancing guidelines with touchless access, occupant tracking and safety management.

Intelligent, Secure Data Across Your Building Portfolio

Create continuity across your portfolio

Honeywell Forge transforms the way you use space, helping you optimize operations, consolidate data management and monitor your entire portfolio.

Rule your buildings from a single screen

Benchmark performance across a building portfolio by integrating building systems and data analytics to raise the baseline for optimization.

Put your building to work from wherever you are

Smart facilities use sustainable energy to drive business continuity and tell you when they need attention, so you’re always in control.

Smarter buildings make smarter cities

Smart buildings make smart cities. We improve citizen safety and make cities easier with centralized management and service operations.


What’s good for the planet is great for business resilience


Intelligently achieve energy goals

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization automatically adjusts set points across your entire HVAC distribution system without affecting occupant comfort.


Unique energy programs to build resilience

From enterprise energy savings and storage to government projects, we offer cost-efficient, sustainable solutions that help drive operational continuity.


Efficient solutions to improve your bottom line

Reduce your carbon footprint and associated costs with sustainable, energy-saving solutions that improve your building’s efficiency and resilience.

Installations around the world trust our secure solutions

As a founding member of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance, we take a secure-by-design approach in our product development, leaving no room for error. Let’s talk about your building and explore solutions that support business continuity.