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Use every bit of data at your disposal

We live in a data-driven world with a constant stream of information we can leverage. We can help you harness your data like a pro.

Make better decisions with better data

Everyone uses data to guide decision-making. The better the data — and the more you understand it — the better your decisions. Our systems are the perfect solution to guide choices regarding comfort, safety, security and more.

Data for improved energy usage

Data for tighter security

Data for better safety


Monitor and maintain VESDA systems with ease

The iVESDA mobile app provides detailed alarm, fault and other status information such as smoke trends, airflow, filter life and more.


Automate and streamline inspection and service management operations

eVance Services is a leading-edge software that includes the Inspection Manager and Service Manager apps to enhance productivity and operations. 


Harness the power of hardware and software

CLSS cross-site connectivity provides insight into scheduled system testing, inspection reports, and device inventory. 

Complex building systems, optimized

Automation systems that regulate climate control and can integrate with fire, life safety and access management.


The next level of HVAC efficiency

Optimize building operations affordably by customizing control processes, sharing information across departments and improving response time.

Honeywell BMS

Integrated building management

Our cross-system integration connects IoT technologies to most existing software, making building operations more convenient.


Energy solutions for hospitality

INNCOM systems for hospitality help save 25-40% in guest room HVAC energy costs while maintaining room comfort and control.


Flexible automation solutions

Make it easier to design, engineer and control infrastructure and building management systems that adjust to your requirements.


Smart building management systems

Optimize energy consumption, track CO2 emissions and maintain consistent comfort by controlling and monitoring HVAC systems.


Honeywell Security

Explore advanced video surveillance, building management and access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices.


Get exceptional reaction times

Improve detection of fires that involve synthetic materials, using fire alarms that include touch-screen control panels.


Alert quickly, evacuate efficiently

Emergency communication and mass notification software ensure warnings reach the right people and hasten evacuation. Availability: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxmbourg, Sweden, META


Smoke alerts before you see smoke

Aspirating smoke detectors give people time to respond before compromising life safety, critical infrastructure or business continuity.


Let’s take your business to the next level

With data optimization, automation, and us as a trusted partner, you’ll see your business succeed in ways you never thought possible. Talk to us today to get started.