Cityscape with overpass at night
Cityscape with overpass at night

Your building is more than an address

For as long as there have been cities, buildings have expressed who we are and shaped what we can achieve. Today, technology is connecting our world and transforming our buildings.

Let’s build the future you want

Buildings affect people every moment of every day. Honeywell is transforming the way buildings operate to help improve the quality of life for the people who use them. We help the buildings that are part of our lives – where we work, learn, shop, have fun, receive care and travel – to be safer, more productive and more energy conscious.

Our ready now technologies are solving big problems – like how to reduce the carbon impact of buildings. We’re connecting systems that weren’t designed to be connected to make building portfolios easier to manage and optimize. We’re changing the way people experience buildings to suit their needs, not a 9-5 schedule.