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How airports will adapt

Honeywell solutions are designed to help airports around the world be safe, secure, and efficient from curb to gate, in normal and challenging circumstances.

Preparing for the new normal in airports

Your job is to ensure a safe and secure, yet cost-efficient environment for your staff, passengers and partners - and that's no easy task. Leverage advanced technologies and analytics for airside operations, healthy terminals, integrated safety and security with risk prevention and efficient response and more, to adapt your airport to a new world of travel.

Healthy Airports

From air quality to passenger screening and sanitization, airports need equipment and integrated systems that enable a healthy environment and help restoring traveler confidence.

 Integrated safety and security

Take advantage of a range of life safety, CCTV and access control solutions  that allow real-time monitoring, risk detection, and incidence response to enhance the safety and security of your airport.

Intelligent and sustainable operations

Our IoT solutions leverage user friendly and secure interfaces to connect airport facility operations, and use machine learning to improve uptime, save energy without compromising comfort.

Safe and efficient airside operations

End-to-end airport management made possible by connecting air and ground traffic control, airport operations and predictive analytics, automation and a secure interface for airport users.

Land more outcomes for your airport

The right equipment makes it easy to adapt to new challenges. See what your airport can achieve when you have Honeywell solutions working for you.