Bring your airport into the future now

    The airport of the future envisions a safer, welcoming, frictionless, and memorable travel experience. With a holistic view on systems and processes across landside and airside, it is all about integrating the right technologies and processes.

    The airport of the future is arriving today.

    Land more outcomes for your airport.

    How do we create a safer, more secure and more cost-efficient environment for everyone? With advanced technologies and analytics for airside operations, healthy terminals, and integrated safety and security systems. Let’s adapt your airport to a new world of travel.


    How to balance safety and efficiency.

    To optimize passenger experience and aircraft throughput, airports around the world are using NAVITAS. It maximizes assets, minimizes CapEx outlays while also prioritizing safety.


    Enable sustainable and efficient operations.

    When your airport’s integrated, you can be multiple places at once. You’ll analyze the past to anticipate the future. And bring assets from across your airport under your control.


    Keep airside operation teams well informed.

    Up or down, you’re in control. Our technologies keep airside teams updated. So they can better analyze, manage, and monitor airfield ground traffic and maintenance requirements.


    Making end-to end airport management possible.

    Honeywell NAVITAS™ is a suite of airside systems designed to manage everything from the approach to the gate, to more efficient turnaround and departure, increasing traffic capacity and supporting more efficient airport operation.


    Automate social distancing and mask detection.

    Analytics can help make sure those entering the terminal are masked up. It can even supervise passengers so that social distancing is maintained. All to lower the infection risk.


    As air traffic went up, safety risk went down.

    Incheon International was cited as the world’s best airport. So you’d expect air traffic to be high. What you wouldn’t expect was how we lowered safety risks at the same time. Read how.


    How ready for the future is your airport?

    We’ve created compliant and efficient solutions that empower you to respond quickly and maintain a healthier environment, while reducing disruptions and protecting your bottom line.

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