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Enhancing safety and precision

Situational awareness empowers airports to increase the capability of existing airside resources — Inspiring Better Airports.

Optimizing operations drives enhanced precision and safety

Honeywell’s airside solutions promote balanced utilization of airside infrastructure, enabling optimized flow of traffic to the terminal. From lighting to control and from monitoring systems to taxi guidance systems for ground traffic management, Honeywell’s airside solutions enhance precision and safety.

Land more outcomes for your airport

The right equipment makes it easy to adapt to new challenges. See what your airport can achieve when you have Honeywell solutions working for you.

Airport Efficiency Webinar

Learn how big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) help airports to stay focused on their core mission. Watch out webinar here.

Honeywell NAVITAS Turnaround Manager Infographic

Learn the unique value Honeywell gate turnaround solutions can provide to your airport.