Keep your buildings resilient with Power Manager

    Our new Power Manager solution orchestrates the demand and supply side of the energy equation to help you manage electricity costs while increasing resilience and uptime and supporting your sustainability goals

    Energy resilience, cost optimization and sustainability

    Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings can also help create energy resilience by monitoring the status and availability for each load and each power generation asset. Its ability to integrate with third party systems provides powerful tools for end-to-end energy and carbon emissions management across your building portfolio.

    The Future of Energy Storage

    The Honeywell Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) focuses on long-duration energy storage applications above four hours of discharge, such as capacity peak power, energy shifting and microgrids.

    Why Communities Should Prioritize Energy Resilience

    With extreme weather events on the rise, one small town in Florida showed the world the benefits of being a resilient and sustainable community.

    The path to energy resilient buildings

    Watch this recorded webinar with energy and sustainability experts to learn how to create operational savings and accelerate the journey towards energy resilience and sustainability goals for your building.

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