What new technologies can teach your students

School security, indoor air quality, energy costs and aging buildings can impact a learning environment. We can help you address those issues affordably, for a sustainable, energy-efficient and safer campus.

Good IAQ is a prerequisite for school success

Welcoming students back to school begins with creating healthier learning environments. Ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are critical in improving the overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your classrooms. We have best-in-class solutions to meet your needs and experts who can help secure the available funding to make improvements to your school.

Safer School Solutions

K-12 and Primary Schools 

Schools extend beyond the classroom. Safer learning environments improve the well-being and confidence of students, faculty and staff. Honeywell can assess the health, safety and security of your school buildings.

Higher Education

As colleges and universities prepare for in-person and remote classes, the well-being of students and staff remains the top priority. Honeywell can help you assess the health of your campus – and provide more sustainable, energy-efficient and safer ways to bring your campus back to life.

Advanced security when every second and every life matters

To help keep your school safer, we’ll apply sophisticated, integrated technologies. Protection ranges from video surveillance, intrusion alarms and perimeter protection to a system that even employs gunshot detection.  Academics are your expertise. Safety is ours.





Cyberthieves are out there. Let’s make sure that’s where they stay

When we help create a solution for your school, cybersecurity isn’t an afterthought. It’s built into virtually every process we institute, every product we create and every piece of software we deploy. The threat is out there. We’ll help you stay ahead of it.

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