Healthier Schools Can Change the Future

Maintain school facility operations while showing students, families and staff that you’re delivering on your educational mission in a safer and healthier campus.

Prerequisites for School Success

Preparing for the school year demands a dynamic approach to managing the learning experience, and providing a more safe, sustainable and smart campus environment. Keeping students in school means implementing and demonstrating compliance with new laws and policies to mitigate risks.

How Can Honeywell Help?

How do you create healthier classrooms? With advanced technologies, analytics and integrated building solutions. Let’s adapt your school for the future.

Healthy Buildings

Assess and address environmental health issues, making sure your school building is healthier and your staff and students are better protected.

Indoor Air Quality Checklist

Air quality should be frequently checked and optimized. Check out Honeywell’s checklist to improve indoor air quality.

Quick Reopening Package

Learn about our approach to meeting indoor air standards in school buildings and a quick reopening package to make it happen.

People Counting

Use video analytics to obtain accurate occupancy levels. Honeywell can help address new concerns and improve compliance with new and changing regulations.

Thermal Screening

Honeywell security technologies can be used in a smarter way to help health safety and risk management solutions get you back to business quickly and safely.

Frictionless Access Control

By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and Passive Infrared sensors (PIR), Honeywell can help create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

Securing Operational Technology

Students and staff returning to school can present a risk to your network. An enhanced cybersecurity strategy and mitigation plan can help you prepare, protect, and seamlessly recover against potentially adverse cyber threats.

Building Resilience, Through Visibility

Learn more about CyberSecurity within smart building environments and Honeywell’s approach to cyber intelligence.


Reduce risks, maximize profits and get more value

A healthy, safe and secure building is just the beginning. Owners and occupants also envision the ideal building experience for employees and customers.


All the tools you need to develop your projects

Make your work easier by finding the latest Honeywell guide specifications, division 25 specification or BIM files.

New technologies can help keep your students in school

Learn more about the solutions that can help you create healthier learning enviornments

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