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    Let’s make schools safer, more secure, and more sustainable

    Improve the operations of school facilities while showing students, families and staff that education is more effective in a safer, more sustainable setting.

    Meet your building’s prerequisites

    When school facilities are safer, more efficient, and easier to manage, you’ll find it easier to create great learning experiences, and students find it easier to focus.

    We’re ready to help

    How do you create safer and more sustainable classrooms? Start with an ally who can provide advanced technologies, analytics and integrated building solutions. Let’s prepare your school to prepare your students.
    Visitor management for schools

    Enhance safety, security and compliance for all staff and visitors who enter your campus.

    Frictionless access control

    By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth and Passive Infrared sensors (PIR), Honeywell can help create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

    Ready to help your campus achieve its potential?

    Speak to an expert to learn more

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