When school buildings perform so do students

Creating a cost-effective, comfortable and sustainable learning environment.

Keep your building in A+ condition

Use our comprehensive range of products and services to customize an operational and energy efficient solution to fit your school needs.


Occupant experience

Keep kids and teachers comfortable and your buildings responsive to changing conditions in all areas of the school facility.

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Quick sustainable solutions

Learn about our approach in creating more comfortable and sustainable schools and the quick start package to make it happen.  

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Optimize occupant experience checklist 

Your school's air quality should be frequently checked and optimized. Get our checklist to help maintain your school facilities' air quality in pursuit of an open and comfortable learning environment.

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Air quality sensors for schools

Improving air quality doesn't have to mean an extensive overhaul. Learn how to give your HVAC system data to ventilate automatically. 

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Data driven compliance

Monitor and manage occupant well-being while demonstrating compliance with changing industry regulations.  

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Operational efficiency solutions for schools 

Simplify commissioning and access meaningful data when consolidating control systems in schools.

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Let's optimize your school

Ready to help your campus achieve its potential? Speak to a Honeywell expert to learn more