It’s time for building management and maintenance to get proactive

An approach not limited by “standard” operating hours or on-call staff. One that breaks the cycle of reactive troubleshooting to increase maintenance visibility, optimize lifecycles, and simplify reporting.

When buildings perform so do bottom lines

Start planning today to improve safety, compliance, and occupant experiences – and help your building reach its full potential.


Lower your costs

Save energy
Reduce energy with site management and Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization software

Rely on expert capabilities and remote service capabilities

Optimize equipment lifecycles
Maximize your return on investment by keeping systems operational and cost-effective

Reduce your risks

Fixed right the first time
Detailed histories of your site and each asset

Best-in-class site assessments, protection, and remote monitoring

Alarm management
Reduce alarm fatigue and ensure you’re responding to the right alarms at the right time

Proactive maintenance & resource planning

And build a stronger reputation

Indoor air quality
Improve the well-being, comfort, and productivity of people in your building

Safety & security
Track other safety concerns, and get alerts when optimal conditions aren’t met

Improve productivity
Manage flexible workspaces to foster collaboration and community

Compliance management
Ensure regulatory guidelines are met

Isn’t it time your building started working for you?

Honeywell can help make it happen.