Make health a performance indicator for your building

A healthy building goes beyond energy efficiency as it improves the well-being, confidence and productivity of the people who use it. Honeywell can help you assess your building’s health now – and the most cost-effective ways to improve it.

Let’s make good habits contagious

View the latest webinar in the Anatomy of a Healthy Buildings series. In this session on Air Quality, our experts will discuss and explore technologies that can be used to improve air quality including considerations for retrofits and use cases.

Let’s make your building healthier, one step at a time

Get the humidity right

Hit your humidity target: 40-60%. In that range, you’ll decrease exposure to particles and improve occupant comfort.

Pair fresh air with ventilation

Improve indoor air quality: Proper air exchange can dispel odors, chemicals and CO2, while balancing energy use.

Improve your filtration

Effective filtration is essential for air quality: From pollutants to microbes, reduce particles in recirculated and outdoor air.

Keep temperatures comfortable

The right temperatures improve wellbeing as well as confidence and productivity. Catch issues before people notice with mobile data and alerts.

Every building system can help

Use pressure to control airflow

Isolate parts of a building using pressure control. This also helps prevent pathogens from entering specific areas.

Smart monitoring beyond security

Your security system can track other safety concerns like risky activity and behaviours. Get alerted when optimal conditions aren’t being met.

Proactively support social distancing

The right sensors and analysis can precisely monitor when and how your site is used – and then guide people to the free spaces they need.

Give your people confidence

Give occupants confidence using air quality, social distancing and other data.

We know your building

Historic retrofits. New construction. Iconic, one-of-a-kind buildings and critical infrastructure like hospitals, airports or utilities.

We know your building because we’re part of your community, helping millions of buildings around the world. And we’re ready to help you too.