The Benefits of an Up-to-Date Building Service Contract

Buildings are growing more complex and technologically advanced, with new pressures to consider like sustainability and improving resilience. One way to help meet your building’s evolving needs: Keep your building service contract up to date.

The right service partner and contract can often help you address multiple challenges – from managing rising energy costs and improving uptime to optimizing your facility team’s time. This allows you to focus on your business’s core mission.

Some benefits to a proper building service contract include:

Using digitalization as a driving force. The rapid adoption of digitalization within the building industry and the ability to aggregate data and analytics through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) make it easier to remotely assess building performance. As digitalization becomes more cost effective, it's easier to deploy integrated systems that allow analytics to be collected to help create greater efficiencies within your building. This can help your building service team spot and reduce potential disruptions and downtime. Furthermore, some of the technologies that already exist inside your building, like field sensors, edge devices and controllers, may help your facility operate comfortably to meet the needs of its occupants.

Addressing the need for more facility managers and building operators. The buildings industry continues to see an imbalance in the number of building operators leaving the workforce and the lack of new potential workers pursuing skilled trades in facility management. This off-balance equation is creating staffing issues for many businesses with roles going unfilled. For many companies struggling to find qualified trade employees, leveraging a building service contract may help provide service even if they don't have enough full-time staff to maintain to their buildings.

Leveraging existing solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Your building services contractor may help identify some of the systems already installed in your building that can be better used. Many businesses might not realize their building may already have technologies that can gather data analytics to deliver business outcomes in a cost-effective way. Some technologies include environmental control systems, security applications and life safety systems. Having a service contract in place may help you create greater energy efficiencies and improve occupant comfort while potentially reducing maintenance costs, allowing you to focus on your business’s core mission.

Choosing the right service partner

Rising business costs means tighter operating and capital budgets throughout the building industry. Working with the right service company can help you determine where to allocate resources to help you reach your business goals and deliver on critical outcomes.

Honeywell can help you adapt to the new dynamics facing building owners through collaboration to understand your facility needs. Connect with one of our experts today to help ensure you're getting the robust coverage you need to help you deliver better business outcomes.