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Quality and safety

The engines that drive everything we design, build and recommend

We accept nothing less than the highest standards

At each phase of a project’s development, we ask ourselves one question: Does it meet our exacting standards for safety and quality? That same commitment is shared by all our people across the globe. That way, you don’t just have superior systems or advice. You have confidence that:

  • We use high-spec materials throughout all stages of manufacturing
  • We have highly experienced design engineers and operators who focus on continuous innovation
  • We employ rigorous process controls within our world-class manufacturing facilities

Along with environmental sustainability, we want accountability

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a governing body with a mission to promote “cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.”

Buildings can achieve various levels of LEED by obtaining a certain number of points through sustainable practices.

Become part of a community of sustainable buildings

We want our customers to have the most energy-efficient systems possible, that also reduces environmental risks to occupants. That mission carries through every aspect of making a building more sustainable. This is a commitment that extends from the design of our products to their lifecycle management.