Control Panels

Pro-Watch7101 Intelligent IP based Controller

The PW7100-Series Access Control System is an advanced , IP based, access control hardware architecture capable of providing solutions for large enterprise applications.

The Intelligent Controllers provide PoE+ power and flexibility, removing the need for additional wiring, with an embedded Linux OS, improved processor and increased memory as well as onboard crypto chip which adds an additional layer of security to sensitive data. This edge capable intelligent controller is expandable up to 8 downstream I/O-modules and up to 16 PW7K1R1E network ready door controllers.

The PW-series controllers support a combination of I/O and reader boards to monitor alarm input points, relay output points and interface with access control readers. By offering a modular design, the system can be tailored to meet a wide range of applications while optimizing cost and installation.

The PW7K1IC comes with 2 on-board reader ports that support multiple reader communication protocols including Wiegand and OSDP (V2) Secure Channel Protocol (SCP). OSDP SCP is now supported across all the intelligent controller and reader board hardware. PW7000-series control panels and I/O boards are backwards compatible with PW6000-Series.

PW7000 Intelligent Controller, 2 On-board Input, 2 On-board Output, Ipv4 / Ipv6