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The next big step toward sustainability

Buildings can have a big impact on the planet in energy use and carbon emissions. We have solutions that are ready now to help meet your sustainability goals while providing a great experience for occupants.

Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings

This scalable, autonomous controls platform is ready now to help manage the environmental impact of a building without compromising operational outcomes. Using AI and ML, it can create a baseline of energy consumption and carbon emissions and then monitor, control and optimize across building assets, helping support carbon reduction goals and build resilience by managing different power sources.

Efficiency for buildings where people matter

Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings | Carbon and Energy Management helps you achieve sometimes contradictory goals: reduce energy consumption and Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, while managing energy costs without impacting the quality of the occupant experience. Here, you can embark on your sustainability journey at your own pace, wherever you're starting from.

Monitor Energy Use and Emissions

Decipher how your building uses energy while providing a clear analysis of energy use and Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions at the asset, site and portfolio level.

Control Building Assets

Control HVAC schedules to better understand how your building uses energy.

Optimize for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Goals

A healthy building goes beyond energy efficiency to enhance the well-being, productivity and experience of its occupants. Discover how Honeywell can help support your sustainability and healthy building goals.

Energy resilience, cost optimization and sustainability

Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings can also help create energy resilience by monitoring the status and availability for each load and each power generation asset. Its ability to integrate with third party systems provides powerful tools for end-to-end energy and carbon emissions management across your building portfolio.

Power Manager

The Power Manager package of Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Buildings is an end-to-end solution for optimizing on-site supply side resources and building assets based on grid availability, utility rates and building energy consumption, from design to ongoing operation.

Energy Storage

The Honeywell Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) focuses on long-duration energy storage applications above four hours of discharge, such as capacity peak power, energy shifting and microgrids.

Why Communities Should Be Prioritizing Energy Resilience

With extreme weather events on the rise, one small town in Florida showed the world the benefits of being a resilient and sustainable community.

Why sustainability matters

Sustainability futureshapers

Meet #Futureshaper Nikki Mehta, director of energy & sustainability, Honeywell.

Building design and operations: health, well-being and sustainability

Watch Honeywell’s Manish Sharma and other experts in this Reuters Impact conversation on the challenges and opportunities for organizations looking to reduce emissions, improve air quality and enhance the building experience.

Fast chat discussion

Learn about our perspective on how to incorporate buildings into sustainability plans in this conversation with Honeywell’s Manish Sharma and Greenbuild.

Sustainability first

Commercial buildings account for almost a third of energy consumption and 37% of global carbon emissions. It’s imperative to find energy savings within the built environment to help achieve carbon reduction commitments.

Solutions designed for sustainability whatever the building


If there’s an opportunity to better the environment, we’ll help you seize it

Trend is committed to support the users of their Building Energy Management Systems to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Get control of spiraling energy costs

We have energy management solutions that range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced systems that can include lighting and drape controls.


Facilities that are critical can also be sustainable

Phoenix Controls airflow solutions offer critical facilities in research, pharmaceuticals and healthcare the benefits of energy savings and sustainability.

Strategic Alliances



The collaboration between Honeywell and Redaptive leverages complementary abilities and expertise to enable energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades with minimal-to-no upfront capital investment for private-sector-owned commercial buildings.

Buildings have a strategic role in helping companies to achieve their carbon and energy reduction goals.

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