Let’s do something that helps the planet and your bottom line

Relentless innovation has led to new products and processes that have reduced carbon footprints and increased profitability. We help to make buildings more compliant, efficient and environmentally sustainable.

There are those whose carbon footprint is smaller than most

When you’re totally committed to sustainability, you get to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM-certified. Several of our customers have done so. Proving they’ve gone beyond what’s required to be efficient and environmentally conscious.

Brands that make sustainability a top priority


If there’s an opportunity to better the environment, we’ll help you seize it

Trend is committed to support the users of their Building Energy Management Systems to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Spiraling energy costs won’t be staying with you anymore

We have energy management solutions that range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced systems that can include lighting and drape controls.


Facilities that are critical can also be sustainable

Phoenix Controls airflow solutions offer critical facilities, like chemistry, science or healthcare, the benefits of energy savings and sustainability.

Like energy, time is much too valuable to waste

That’s why it’s important to create a sustainability plan now. One that will help you reduce resource consumption, avoid waste, and comply with all environmental requirements. That way, your future, and that of our planet, is more secure.