Detector base with relay output for ES Detect 48 V DC operation

Detector base with relay output for ES Detect 48 V DC operation

Detector base with relay contact output, for ES Detect detector family. Suitable for 48 V DC operation.

Contact: floating normally open or normally closed, selectable via coding strap, factory setting: normally closed (NC).

The smoke detector of Series ES Detect used in the detector base can be reset manually or automatically by a short interruption (4 seconds) of the detector voltage.

A typical use for this base with ES Detect detector is to monitor mobile communication stations.

Features & Benefits:
  • System benefits:
  • Optimally matched to the ES Line system
  • With multisensor detectors for the detection of all fires, even under the most difficult operating conditions
  • Up to 30 detectors per detection group
  • Reliable detection:
  • Uniform response sensitivity of the detector for all different types of fire for the multisensor detectors
  • Large distance between signal and interference magnitudes due to special sensor and electronics design for suppressing electromagnetic influences
  • Automatic adaptation to varying environmental influences
  • Electronic compensation also called drift-compensation of long-term influences of contamination or aging
  • Reliable false alarm suppression:
  • High reliability against false alarms by temporal evaluation of different sensor criteria, with built-in insect screen and sealed against rear air flow entry
  • Exclusion of signal forms not typical of fires through special filter algorithms
  • Automatic self-monitoring of the detector electronics
  • Automatic self-monitoring of sensors for function and condition
  • Maintenance:
  • Designation of the heat detector by a black ring on the light pipe
  • Hours of operation, alarm and fault counter in each detector
  • Operation data retrieval of all detectors of a group with standard service PC and field bus interface
  • Detector LED for alarm display and as an identification display in the service (for maintenance with 8000 tools)
  • Wide range of accessories:
  • Standard socket and relay base
  • Socket adapter for ceiling installation
  • Dust caps optional for fire detectors and detector base
  • Kit for suspended mounting
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