MB-Secure License ASSA Aperio Door

Honeywell's MB-Secure license ASSA Aperio Doors have been designed to extend MB-Secure with one wireless door operating with a aperio hub RS-485 AP-0120 connected to assay aperio wireless cylinders or fittings.

The MB-Secure License ASSA Aperio Doors have 8 online components which can be coupled with the RS-485 Hub and hence 8 doors can be managed and controlled. Thereby every cylinder/fitting owns an address on the RS-485 BUS. Max. of 32 Aperio doors per MB-Secure. Due to the pure online operation any false alarms caused by unauthorized access are avoided. Access control functionality is provided as usual, including access prevention to armed partitions. Additionally for arm/disarm a second card/fob per user and two macros per partition can be set up.

Features & Benefits:
  • Operating on ASSA AH30 Hub
  • 8 Cylinder per Hub
  • 32 Addresses per RS-485 connection
  • 32 Doors per MB-Secure
  • Access prevention when armed
  • With second card/fob also arm/disarm feasible
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MB-Secure License ASSA Aperio Door