Scalable, Flexible and Cost Effective Multisite Operations

Building management solutions designed to deliver what you need

Creating a more sustainable building portfolio

Honeywell Multisite solutions are designed to help retailers cut energy costs. Our technologies can centrally manage HVAC and lighting systems for retail businesses spanning multiple locations. We can help retailers with the expertise to implement strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and help them gain the expertise to support Energy Star, Green Building and LEED projects.

Tailored solutions to enhance your building portfolio


Optimize your building even when you’re not there

Take building management to the cloud for greater simplicity, uptime, and control.


Integrated technology to help keep energy expenses low

Leverage the investment in equipment you’ve already made with a powerful open system.


The key to successful management of enterprises

Get actionable insight to energy efficiency, improved operations and profitability.


Tech-friendly interface with powerful analytics

Monitor and control commercial systems at the equipment, site and portfolio levels.

Services designed to meet your unique multisite needs

Managed Services

Maximize and maintain

Our Managed Services can save money and reduce the risk of shortfalls. We’ll target areas that deliver the greatest savings.


Service and support

Our Installation Team has over 30 years of experience managing site projects at more than 45,000 locations.

Multisite Connectivity

Connect and access

Connectivity for your building management system is now available on an as-needed basis with our newest service offering.

Gain a deeper understanding of how things work

We can help you with helpful videos all in one channel to learn to troubleshoot, navigate the controllers and more.

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