Refrigeration Controls that help your systems work for you

Protect product integrity, reduce labor and decrease energy use ­ to meet your operational budget targets.

Powered by Opus Magnum

Store owners can use multiple approaches to upgrade their refrigeration portfolio to reduce carbon impact and comply with local regulations. The control system offered within Opus Magnum provides a refrigerant-agnostic solution designed to monitor and control your entire store portfolio.

Critical outcomes for your stores

Increase system resilience, lower operational costs and reduce energy use.

Product Freshness

Create less waste of refrigerated product by maintaining optimal temperature.

Reduced Labor Cost

Increase business continuity and resilience while saving on costly repairs.

Energy Savings

Optimize energy use and operational efficiency across your store portfolio.

Regulatory Compliance

Manage your portfolio with a refrigerant-agnostic solution to control nearly all refrigerants.


Manage energy use and comply with local regulations with upgrades that can be part of your overall refrigeration portfolio.

Solutions for multiple technologies


Catching failing systems before they fall is critical to avoiding leaks of refrigerants with high GWPs and imposed regulatory costs.


Highly accurate temperature sensors and pressure transducers are needed for newer systems that are designed to operate through extreme ranges.


Robust hardware and control strategies are required to operate cases and racks well, particularly for systems using CO2 refrigerant in a supercritical state.


Honeywell can integrate third party controls via BACnet, Modbus, and LON to provide the same user interface as our native controls.


Analyze every connected and integrated sensor to track their performance health over time and deliver actionable insights.


Gain insights into system operations from a central site, as well as dispatch set point changes, batch schedule adjustments and automate functional performance tests..

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