Connectivity Services

Multisite Connectivity from Honeywell

Your business is driven by data, and our business drives it to the cloud

If you’re like most businesses operating multiple sites, you have a unique set of internal connectivity needs. Maybe it’s monitoring closed facilities, or temporary connectivity while awaiting full network access, or even security needs that require isolating some data from the main network. 

Multisite Connectivity puts the care of your infrastructure on our shoulders, not yours

Multisite Connectivity from Honeywell provides a network solution that simplifies the requirements for your business and eliminates the bandwidth impact on your network. ​

When combined with any of our Honeywell cloud offerings, it’s a true end-to-end solution that puts the care of the full installation and associated IT infrastructure requirements in our hands. So you don’t have to worry about it.

We manage the network, and you reap the benefits

We give you the option of getting secure network connectivity as part of any of our offerings. Using cellular technology, you have the flexibility of a network that we can quickly deploy and easily manage for as long as you want. 

Most who are interested in this service are looking for: 

  • Alternative network connectivity for non-business critical network devices, like those in dark or closed stores.
  • Pop-up network or temporary connectivity to provide internet access in cases of failover, where there is no data circuit or when you’re awaiting IT approval to access the business network. 
  • Isolated or air gapped connectivity to the cloud or external sites, or in applications in which they need to reduce the risk of exposing their production network to security threats.

Uncommon solutions to common challenges you might be facing

Dark Stores

Even when your facility is closed, it still needs to be monitored for basic environmental conditions. We have some options:

  • A router could be connected to your edge controller, and you could receive an email notification if an alarm parameter was met​
  • Combined with our managed services offerings, we can actively manage your dark store(s) for you 
Temporary Connectivity

In some instances, you may need temporary connectivity while waiting to gain full network access. We can manage that challenge:

  • As part of commissioning/installation projects, we can provide connectivity for a temporary period until the site is the network circuit is installed​
Isolated connectivity

Sometimes, you’re required or desire to isolate some data from your enterprise network for security reasons. We can address that challenge by providing application/server hosting services for you, thereby providing an end to end solution.

The first step toward total connectivity is connecting with us

Nowadays, connectivity is crucial, especially in multisite enterprises like yours. Not only do we understand the challenge, but we can help you meet it. How? With technology like closed facility monitoring plus temporary or even isolated connectivity. Now we’d like to connect with you.